ART MARKETING for ALL - six: Open A Gallery por Graeme Smith

November 18, 2019

ART MARKETING for ALL - six: Open A Gallery por Graeme Smith
Titulo del libro : ART MARKETING for ALL - six: Open A Gallery
Autor : Graeme Smith

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Graeme Smith con ART MARKETING for ALL - six: Open A Gallery

ART MARKETING for ALL sixYOU OWN GALLERYYour career plan..***..Making it work..***..Do you need a wqebsite?..***..Build a contact list..***..Keeping clients..***..What is selling?..***..Buyers buy..***..What is price?..***..Another look at questions..***..Is an exhibition next?..***..A look at hiring..***..Wrapping upMarketing is finding buyers AND making sales..***..It’s the same no matter what is sold!..***..Sometimes the process is simple like apples at a stall..***..It can be complex like selling aero-planes to an air-force..***..Most, including artworks are in between these poles..***..Think of fishing to understand marketing..***..Does a fisherman catch anything in a desert?..***..NO, there are no fish there.You market where possible buyers are..***..A fisherman goes where fish are – in water..***..But there are no fish in a swimming pool!..***..They need to be in the right water – a river, lake or sea.Different fish swim in different waters!..***..Sharks and marlin are in the ocean, while bream live in rivers..***..Likewise you must know who your target is with your marketing..***..Is it businesses, first home buyers, investors or what?..***..Each needs different marketing.You are in the right water for the fish you are after!..***..Some are nocturnal and won’t be caught during the day..***..Marketing needs to be when the target is most receptive..***..At work, nights or weekends?You are at the right place and time so how do you catch the fish?..***..Usually with a fishing rod..***..Is it the right kind for the fish you want?..***..You won’t catch a shark with a rod that takes a trout!..***..Your marketing must be attractive to the people you are after.Do you have the right bait?..***..Different bait attracts different fish..***..A carcass for a shark but a worm for many others..***..Can you provide something your target market will find attractive?Throwing any bait into the water catches nothing!..***..The bait must have a hook..***..Without fish taking the hook there is no catch..***..Different hooks are for different kinds of fish.Different hooks are also for different markets..***..The right hook gets your market to take the next step to a purchase..***..But this only needs to be a little step.Hooks only catch the fish..***..They’re in the water, not the boat or beach, a hook is on the end of a line..***..What is your line like?..***..Is it strong enough you the fish you are after?..***..Also this varies for the kind of fish.How do you get a prospect to seriously consider what you sell?..***..To sell a print it won’t need to be sophisticated..***..But selling an original Renoir will be much more complicated.The line has to have a reel too..***..Different reels for different fish..***..The right reel brings the fish to the end of your line..***..But it’s not in the boat?You must lift the fish from the water to your boat or on the beach..***..Use fishing nets so now you have your catch..***..The fish is yours to do what you want..***..You can sell the fish But who might want to buy?..***..It could be for food or live a fish-tank or pool..***..They could be for re-stocking natural water places.Where can you find them?..***..Look where the fish buyers are!..***..Follow the path of the fisherman..***..And eventually you have a prospect asking can they buy..***..You have made a sale AND you can make more sales the same way.Making the sale is this five step process..***..Work from top to bottom.SUSPECTS are people who possibly want what you have for sale.PROSPECTS are people likely to want what you have for sale.BUYERS are those who have bought what you are selling.REPEAT BUYERS continue to buy what you sell.ADVOCATES help you sell to others.The order of importance to your sales is the reverse sequence.